Heard Around Town

“Ryli is easily one of my favorite people I’ve met in the horror scene.”
Eben McGarr, Mad Monster co-founder

“Honestly, Ryli Morgan is everything a modern actor should aspire to be – equal parts sweet & sexy, deadly to the touch. She’s talented, driven, and modest. If everyone in the industry was like her, the cinema world would be a better place.”
J. T. McRoberts, Mutantville Productions

“I’ve seen every B movie queen, web model, starlet and glamour girl in the world (I’m not exaggerating), and Ryli Morgan is my favorite of all time. She has sweetness and vulnerability and pure-dee HEAT like nobody I’ve ever seen. The camera loves her and she obviously loves the camera. There are lots of beautiful girls, but this one is extra special.”
Joe Bob Briggs

“Ryli is, quite simply, the sweetest Scream Queen alive!”
Mark Torgl, Toxic Avenger

“She’s simply luscious!”
Dick Warlock

“Ryli is the girl next door that you want to make yours. A vision that tongue-ties you with dream-girl desires, and fairy dust thoughts of lazy, laughing, titillating summer nights.”
Tom Savini

“Ryli is sizzling,Southern, and SIN-sational!”
Count Gregula

“Ryli is a joy to know, a true pleasure!”
John Schneider

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