Ryli Morgan was born in Charlotte, NC, where she was raised by her loving and supportive parents. After a knee injury ended her five-year pursuit of figure skating, she graduated from college with aspirations of working in the medical field.

Years later, she was finally able to follow her childhood dream of becoming a professional actress/model. She met screenwriter/musician Mark Baranowski in January of 1999. The couple married in 2000.

In 2001, she starred in her first film, the beautifully-shot Despair, written and directed by Mark. The pair then began the On Mark Productions creative company, and the team followed up Despair with Runaway Terror and Expendable.

Through these productions, Ryli quickly became the subject of feature articles in such publications as DRACULINA, MOVIE MYSTIQUE and SIRENS OF CINEMA. She was chosen as the first “Revolver Girl” for Revolver Magazine, and became Troma Entertainment‘s July 2002 “Tromette of the Month.”

By 2004, Ryli found herself in enough demand that she could pick and choose projects. Among the movies outside of On Mark were Happy Cloud Pictures’ Severe Injuries and in Sin By Murder (Sterling Productions). Never content with being labeled as just one thing or the other, by the end of 2004, she reinvented herself again as a singer, again working with husband Mark Baranowski to co-create the CD Awful Goodness.

In 2005, she branched out beyond horror to star alongside Brinke Stevens and Lynn Lowry in Heaven Help Me, I’m in Love, a dramedy from On Mark Productions. Later, she graced the cover of one of the final issues of DRACULINA (Aug. 2006, issue 51), before announcing a temporary retirement to raise her son.

With her time split between family and career, Ryli worked primarily behind the scenes as a web designer and copy writer. Her recent work has included being primary researcher and publicist for UnsolvedNC, a social media community which profiles missing persons and unsolved homicide cases within her home state of North Carolina.

However, after the birth of the couple’s daughter in 2010, the urge to return to film has been too great to pass up. Along with the On Mark Productions’ films MISTER DISSOLUTE and HARDLY BELOVED, Ryli was also cast as scream queen “Jamie Leigh” in Angel Defreitas’ TILL MY LAST BREATH. Ryli can also be spotted in 2016’s CURFEW, PRELUDE: A LOVE STORY from 2017, and most recently, she appears alongside Monique Parent in JACK VS LANTERNS from Hocus Focus Productions.

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