Heard Around Town

  • Eben McGarr
    Director/Producer, Mad Monster Party co-founder

    "Ryli is easily one of my favorite people I've met in the horror scene."

  • J. T. McRoberts
    Mutantville Productions

    "Honestly, Ryli Morgan is everything a modern actor should aspire to be - equal parts sweet & sexy, deadly to the touch. She’s talented, driven, and modest. If everyone in the industry was like her, the cinema world would be a better place."

  • Joe Bob Briggs
    Host - Joe Bob's Drive-In Theater, Monstervision

    "I've seen every B movie queen, web model, starlet and glamour girl in the world (I'm not exaggerating), and Ryli Morgan is my favorite of all time. She has sweetness and vulnerability and pure-dee HEAT like nobody I've ever seen. The camera loves her and she obviously loves the camera. There are lots of beautiful girls, but this one is extra special."

  • Mark Torgl
    Toxic Avenger, Toxic Tutu

    "Ryli is, quite simply, the sweetest Scream Queen alive!"

  • Dick Warlock
    Stuntman, The Shape (Halloween II)

    "She's simply luscious!"

  • Count Gregula
    Horror Host

    "Ryli is sizzling, Southern, and SIN-sational!"

  • John Schneider
    Actor/Director, Smothered

    "Ryli is a joy to know, a true pleasure!"